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While no definite period of history has been established for its official introduction into use by mankind, evidence exists to prove that cotton has been used for the past seven thousand years.

The History of Cotton

The cotton plant is a shrub commonly found in both North and South America, India and Africa and is characterized by its popcorn-like growths of cotton tufts that eventually culminate. The fibers from these cotton balls are picked and spun into yarn or thread which are used to create clothing.

While it remains unclear exactly when people began using textiles to create clothing, the oldest of these artifacts have been unearthed in Mexico. Furthermore, documentation of the implementation of this useful material have been discovered such as the historical mention that the troops of Alexander the Great wore cotton clothing while invading India and the ancient Persian poetry referencing to the material.

During the middle ages, the use of cotton grew. People began to produce it on large scales in Europe, and this trend quickly spread. Finally, in 1350, the invention of the spinning wheel allowed those in the cotton industry to produce the material at a much quicker speed. By the time the Renaissance period arrived, cotton clothing materials were desired by all.

Today, cotton remains a primary source of material to create the fashions and styles we see around us everyday. With new technology and advanced methods, it is now easier than ever for the fashion industry to create artistic new looks.

Cotton's Role in Today's Society

As the techniques used to cultivate and spin cotton have advanced with time, so have the uses humans have found for this amazing fiber. It has been found that cotton clothes offers wearers a comfort that many other material cannot provide.

Aside from clothing, humans have discovered the uses for cotton are more diverse than previously understood. For example, the recent discovery of a new cotton fiber capable of conducting electricity has many scientists excited as they consider the exciting and feasible ideas of how they can create fabrics that warm wearers in the winter and cool them during the hot months of summer.

As time continues to progress, it is impossible to know what will be developed in using cotton in the fashion industry. What can be said with certainty is that humans will continue to utilize this useful material into the future.